My latest book, as of November 2019, is a sequel to The Driver. The title is Murphy's Ghost. It's intended as the second book in a trilogy. Georg Vintner, aka The Driver, has returned from two years at sea in the Far East. He brings with him a fourteen year old cabin boy, Robert, who has no last name. The Driver finds the woman he loves is still confined to the lunatic asylum. How will he get her out? And then there's the ghost of a murdered stagecoach rider, who wants justice done. I hope you like the tale. 



I have just published (May 1, 2019) the first in what I believe will be a new trilogy. This one is not about Ira. It's about Georg Vintner, a Norwegian immigrant who drives a San Francisco streetcar. I think it's my first actual murder mystery, but I'm not sure about that. Sometimes murder happens in broad daylight, on a public horsecar. The book is The Driver. Please check it out.

 The Ira Beard series is now a trilogy. You get all three tales in one! Here's the cover.


Finally! I have just released the third book in the Ira Beard series. It turns out to be a novella rather than a full length novel, but there's an added free short story to keep you amused.

This tale takes place several years after Finding War. Ira, bored with city life, is cajoled into traveling to the Mojave Desert. He is supposed to examine a new silver mine and report back on its vast riches. It turns out to be a case of swindling, outrage, and murder.


Finding War is a sequel to Finding Joaquin. Ira Beard, having hunted Joaquin, now hopes to avoid more violence. War finds him when the Civil War comes to California. Now he is called upon to hunt for Rebels stealing California gold. Maybe Joaquin can help him. Read the  story for yourelf, and wonder.

Amazon Best Seller

Finding Joaquin, has made the Amazon best seller list.  Ira Beard, a refugee from New York, comes to California to hunt our most dangerous bandit, Joaquin Murietta. He will find Joaquin, but not in the way he would like. On the way he will meet a woman who will save his life three times.

The Survivor and other tales of old San Francisco

The Survivor began as a short story about an old timer, Hiram, and his wife Lisbeth who lived through the gold rush. The story wasn't about them; it was about what they had to tell. Before I knew it I had a lot of other tales from them. They're short enough to read while waiting for your horse drawn streetcar.

Tunnel 6


When Geraldine Halloran arrived at the Central Pacific end of track in the winter of 1866, she was resolved not to be terrified. After all, she had a right to be there. She was hired on as a regular telegraph operator, though they thought they were hiring a man. She was the only other woman at Tunnel 6, except for Mrs. Strobridge, the superintendent's wife. Tunnel 6 was said by some to be impossible. Certainly nothing like it had ever been done. It was to be a railroad tunnel linking California with Nevada, over 1600 feet long and dug through solid granite using black powder, nitroglycerin, and more than 10,000 Chinese laborers. 

Spirit Catcher


SPIRIT CATCHER is an inspiritational story sure to pique the interest of those intrigued by the paranormal. Set against the backdrop of early San Francisco, author Steve Bartholomew showcases the complexity of the methods utilized by photographers of the era who would seek to deceive the public by proclaiming their equipment capable of capturing images of departed loved ones. SPIRIT CATCHER is a fast-paced novel that will keep you riveted as it spirals towards its chilling conclusion in the shadowy world of the occult. laine raia – Author/editor and proprietor of The Ponderaia, an equine boarding facility, North Reading, MA.


The Inventor


The year 1880: Young Jeremy Fantom has decided he hates his job as reporter on the San Francisco Bulletin. He especially dislikes having to cover riots and rabble rousers like Denis Kearney and Mayor Kalloch. His viewpoint begins to change when he encounters a strange inventor and his beautiful daughter, Hollyhock. Is her father, Mr Worrell, a crackpot or a genius? Or does that even matter?

Black Bart


When Black Bart left prison he figured he'd had enough of crime and Wells Fargo. After all, he'd got time off for good behavior, and only had to do time for robbing one stage coach out of the twenty-eight he had held up. Bart thought he would try his hand at mining once again, and maybe settle down later by running a pharmacy. He also had plans for the woman he loved, Magdalena Ramos. Those were his plans. What he didn't figure on was the man who had put him in San Quentin to begin with, Detective James Hume. Nor did he plan on meeting his old nemesis, Jason Sutliffe who had started Bart on his life of crime.

The Terrorist Plot at Gopherville


The Terrorist Plot at Gopherville was the author's first novel. It's a political satire involving a geezer who eats roadkill, talks to imaginary friends, and doesn't much like the Government. At the time of its first publication, the author had hoped the book would lose its relevance with a change in administration. To his disappointment, he finds it may never go out of style. Steve Bartholomew

The Woodcutter


In the winter of 1888, Dana Reynolds has no reason to believe in anything, until he runs afoul of Wovoka. Dana doesn't believe in Truth. Telling the truth was what lost him his job back at the Chronicle in San Francisco. Well, that and drinking a little too much. In Nevada he's learning that Indian agents can be as crooked as politicians. Just asking a few too many questions around here earned him a beating and a cracked rib. Now he was supposed to report on that so-called Paiute prophet, Wovoka, the Woodcutter. The only nice thing about Greenfield, Nevada was Charlene, the telegraph operator. Seems like even she's gullible enough to fall for the Woodcutter's line. He's obviously another fake, as much a fake as Dana himself. Or is he?


Gold, A Tale of the California Gold Rush 


The year is 1850. Rumors of gold in California turn out to be true. Thousands of people board ships or travel cross-country by wagon train to head for the mines. In New York City, young Marcus Gale, would like to join them, if only to escape his gambling debts. Too bad he doesn't have money for a ticket-or a square meal. He jumps at the chance for a berth as stoker on a sidewheel steamer headed for the gold fields, even though he's not sure what a stoker does. Fortunately, Marcus is a fast learner when it comes to shoveling coal and understanding steam engines. He finds it more difficult to understand people, especially the kind willing to risk everything to get to the gold



Rymer the troubador possesses only one thing of value in all the world: his beloved lute, Ariella. Unfortunately it has been stolen by minions of a terrible ogre. Without fear, Rymer sets off to find Ariella. On the way he learns he must get past the Black Duke in his Castle Starke. Luckily, Rymer has one ally in the person of Swine Girl. If only she didn't smell so bad.

The Imaginary Emperor


Joshua Norton is bankrupt and desperate in antebellum San Francisco. The whole nation seems to have gone mad. He discovers that madness is a viable option, and so becomes Joshua Norton I, dei gratia Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico. Many people of the city happily accept him as such. Yet he discovers that even with the power of monarchy he cannot cure the unhappiness of the country or of himself. How can he help Marina, who wishes only to sing, or Sophia, who desires only wealth? Worse, how can he help himself--and what to do with his secret treasure? Based on true stories of Old San Francisco.


Journey to Rhyolite


Nathaniel had his reasons for making the journey to Rhyolite. With a population of ten thousand and growing fast, Rhyolite was the greatest boom town in the west. And he hoped to find what had been taken from him-taken by the snallygaster. Some believed it was simply an old legend from the back hills of Maryland, this four legged flying snake that could snatch away whatever you most valued when your back was turned. Nathanial knew better. It had taken away Annabelle, the love of his life. At least, that was the way he felt. Now he was here in Rhyolite, to make his fortune, to find Annabelle-and to find the man he had murdered back in Baltimore.


Chapel Perilous


A tale of the Strange. Benjamin leads an ordinary life until a traffic accident triggers a series of psychic events. He discovers paranormal abilities he did not know he had. He also discovers there are people who want either to stop him or control him


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