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My newest book is called McRae.

Books and More Books

McRae is the first story in a projected trilogy. This book brings my writing in a somewhat different direction than previous stories. I write mostly historical fiction which takes place in San Francisco, California, and sometimes Nevada. Most events occur sometime in the 19th Century. I personally refer to them as my "Gold Rush tales," since that's when they began. (My first book in this genre is called Gold.) 

My newest tale takes place long after the Rush, in the early 20th Century. In fact, just before the Great Quake. There's also an element of the paranormal, and lots about the opera. If you want to know more, you may go to "Look Inside" on Amazon.

This will be my third trilogy, the others being the Ira Beard  Trilogy, and

the Driver Trilogy. You can find both those on my Amazon page. Thanks for

reading, and may you find gold. ~~~~~~~Steve

Of the making of books there is no end,

and too much study wearies the flesh.

                                    ~~~~~Ecclesiastes, 12:12

Mcrae two

The second tale in the McRae trilogy is now published and online. (See below, about the first book. That is just called McRae.)

McRae Two is titled Elinor Juste, a ghost of the living. After the great San Francisco earthquake and fire, Roderick McRae is haunted for a second time, this spirit being the essence of a living woman who lies in a coma thousands of miles away.

Click on the book cover for more.


I won't list all my books here. If you'd like to see them, please visit Amazon. My latest tale is called McRae, Murder at the OperaIt's somewhat of a departure from my previous books. I usually write about San Francisco or California or Nevada during the 19th Century. I call them my "Gold Rush" stories, though most of them don't have much to do with gold.

McRae takes place in the 20th Century, long after the Rush. It all happens in 1906, before the Great Quake. That was not so long ago. The Opera and Enrico Caruso are in it, and some elements of supernatural. I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it, in the midst of all our other emergencies of 2020.

McRae is the first story in a projected new trilogy.
I have two other trilogies, The Ira Beard Trilogy, and the Driver Trilogy. I am finding this a happy medium. (But not in the supernatural sense.) Where does Broderick McRae go after the Great Quake?

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