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Steve Bartholomew

Member Historical Novel Society

Amazon bestselling author!


This is Steve's web site. It's mainly about the books and tales I write. Also a few random thoughts of my own from time to time. My publications are too numerous to list here, but you can see them all on my Books2Read page.

As I write this in the beginning of March 2020, a tragedy is happening in Ukraine. It so happens the CEO of WIX, which manages this web site, lives in Ukraine with his family. I can only imagine what they and their neighbors are going through. As for myself, I will continue to support WIX and to do my job, which is to write books. These days I write mostly historical fiction because I love history. Someday books will be written about our times. I can only hope the authors get it right. As for me, I will try to do my best.  

My newest books as of this year are the McRae Trilogy. The first book is  McRae. Murder at the Opera. Broderick McRae, reporter for the San Francisco Call  in 1906, finds himself haunted by a dead Italian soldier. The soldier wants revenge, while maybe saving the city. And Caruso is coming to the opera.

Next in the trilogy is
Elinor Juste.  Once  again McRae is visited by a disembodied spirit. Only, this time she is not dead. This soul is a living woman, lying in a coma thousands of miles distant. She wants McRae to prevent her husband from killing her. Is that too much to ask?

The third in this trilogy is Yama Man. This story is based on a real event which happened in California in 1906. Or rather, it's based on my imagination of what might have happened. The event was my inspiration.

What I am working on now is inspired by another disaster, the sinking of the S.S. City of Rio de Janeiro in San Francisco Bay, in 1901. What a terrible tragedy. What a wonderful wealth of stories. Please stay tuned.


Yama Man


Yama Man is now live on Amazon. Third book in the McRae trilogy. A mine disaster has occurred in Bakersfield. Five miners are dead, but one survives, buried alive. Will he be found in time? Brod McRae goes to report on the story for his paper, The Call. Crazy Mollie shows up to help. Together they find there is more to this tale than an accident.

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