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My newest book is The Driver, please see my Books section.

New interview!

This one is about me and poet Sandy Stillwell. If you think Sandy is a better writer than me, you're probably right.


New books--I now have two more books out, since Tunnel 6. From now on I will put newer stuff in the Books section of this web site. Please check them out.



Check out the newest release from Steve Bartholomew.  5 Star Amazon Review: "Tunnel 6 is another of Steve Bartholomew's extremely entertaining presentations of some of the more obscure chapters of California history. I've become a real fan, over the years and this book was almost read in a single period. His characters are well-revealed, and the pacing keeps the pages turning. The story focuses upon the railroad camps in the Sierras during the race to create a Transcontinental railway. A female telegrapher, a journalist, a surveyor and a corporate/confederate spy maneuver around each other in a delicate dance. Secrets passed may be truth or lies. Tunnel 6 is as full of compelling facts and historic color as his previous books. If you are a reader of historic American fiction, then by all means, add Tunnel 6 to your reading list."

An interesting, fast paced read, that is hard to put down once started. A simple plot, with plenty of complexities, and a great deal of humor keep the reader entertained throughout. While humorous and light-hearted, there is a serious picture painted of the era, as the author painlessly threads historical glimpses of the times throughout the book. The mood is not always light-hearted and humorous, as several of the protagonists show their dark side and offer the reader an opportunity to play detective as well as analyst. My timing in reading this was excellent, finishing the book just prior to this season's first episode of "Hell on Wheels."


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The Terrorist Plot at Gopherville

The Terrorist Plot at Gopherville was the author's first novel. It's a political satire involving a geezer who eats roadkill, talks to imaginary friends, and doesn't much like the Government. At the time of its first publication, the author had hoped the book would lose its relevance with a change in administration. To his disappointment, he finds it may never go out of style. Steve Bartholomew

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