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At last, a trilogy!

Following numerous headaches and false starts, I have published my first trilogy. I give you Ira Beard, books one, two and three.

Here is the back blurb.

Here are books one, two, and three of the Ira Beard saga.

Ira goes west because he's had enough of the New York Police Department. He hopes to find San Francisco a more peaceful town. Instead, he's chasing after Joaquin Murietta, the worst bandit in California. Or so most people say. He is lucky to meet Octavia de LaLuz, who will save his life three times. But the closer he gets to Murietta, the more of a mystery the bandit becomes.

Then the Civil War reaches California. Ira, who has found peace, now finds war. Once again he's involved himself in a manhunt, this time after rebel bushwhackers. They claim to be seizing California gold to help finance the Confederacy. Ira sees them as glorified thieves. Octavia enters the fray without telling him. This time it's Ira's turn to save Octavia, providing he can in time.

In our third tale, Ira is recruited to investigate a new silver mine, a bonanza in the desert. It turns out to be a deadly trap beyond his power to avoid. Then again, sometimes doing things wrong can turn out right.

Now read the book and travel to a time past, which haunts us yet today.

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